The Morgan Hill Community Garden is located on Butterfield Boulevard, between E. Main Avenue and Diana Avenue in Morgan Hill

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Morgan Hill Community Garden

Our History

The Morgan Hill Community Garden started in July 2009 by three passionate founders. Other talented and enthusiastic members joined
along to get our current location approved by the City of Morgan Hill. The garden officially opened in October 2010. It is indebted to the financial and donation help of many businesses and individuals in our community. Members put in hours of sweat building 51 raised garden plots and filling them with soil and compost. The plot waiting list was growing. The City approved an expansion of the lot where 25 new plots were built in 2015.
Classes are taught through the year by Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County and others. A City Art Grant project with the theme of soil appreciation was installed at the garden in 2015 which is still in place.

Our Mission

The mission of our organization is to bring the community of Morgan Hill together to reap the benefits of growing food in a social setting, while providing education on gardening, environmental sustainability, health, nutrition, and human welfare.